My name is Felicia Reinhard and I'm 19 years old from Arlington Heights IL. I started my photography in April 2007 and took an instant love to it. Over a few months after getting my first camera I started to become more and more serious about my work, and what I could do with my photos. Moving on to a more advanced camera, and a new editing program I knew that that is what I wanted to do. My work has already been published and I am really hoping to continue to grow and move up to the pro status in the next year. I am not a traditional photographer. I never force smiles or make my subjects sit on stools! I simply capture moments as they happen, the happy, the sad and the crazy! My style of photography can be defined as ?artistic? because of my post processing and the way I present and work my images. I truly cater each photo shoot for the specific model, mood, and location.

I shoot in entirely natural light and shoot at the locaion of your choice. My sessions are very laid back and should be thought of as more of a play date or get together rather then a strict photoshoot. I move around a lot and follow my subjects and interact as they would on a normal basis. I specialize in working with young children, teens, and families but also am availible to shoot events and other functions. I am able to shoot in Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Palatine, Barrington, Wheeling, Rolling Medows and other surrounding towns in Illinois. For locations further (20 miles+) I only travel when higher packages are purchased.